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Heat Pump Equipment Conversion and Upgrade in Commercial Buildings

Requirements and specifications

Clark Public Utilities will reimburse customers for heat pump equipment upgrades and conversions in commercial buildings with electric resistance heat.  Qualifying applications for heat pump equipment include those installed in commercial areas that meet the following requirements:
  • The building must have the following characteristics: 
o Be an existing building (not new construction)
o 50,000 square feet or less conditioned building area
o Consume less than 600,000 kWh annually
o Be electrically heated (buildings with gas heat are excluded)
o Existing HVAC equipment must be functional
  • The installed equipment must be an air to air heat pump system that meets CEE Tier 1 minimum efficiency level
Heat pump equipment that does not meet these requirements may be pursued as a custom project.
Custom Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects - Industrial & Commercial

Incentive levels

Resistance Heating to Tier 1 Premium Efficiency Heat Pump $250.00 per ton
Heat Pump to Tier 1 Premium Efficiency Heat Pump $100.00 per ton

Documentation requirements

  • Equipment/contractor invoice showing the following: 
o Measure requirements have been met (e.g., manufacturer, model number, type, size and quantity of equipment or product installed/used)
o The order/purchase date  
o Total project costs

Who do I contact for more information or questions?

Contact your Clark Public Utilities Key Accounts Manager or call our Commercial Programs Manager Bill Hibbs, at 360-992-3340.