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Commercial vs. Industrial definitions

What's the definition of Commercial vs. Industrial sector?

As defined by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA):

The Commercial Sector includes electrical energy used in service-providing facilities and equipment of businesses; federal, state, and local governments; and other private and public organizations. Commercial Sector is defined as non-manufacturing business establishments, including hotels, restaurants, wholesale businesses, retail stores, warehouses, storage facilities, and health, social and educational institutions.

The Industrial Sector typically contains food processing, manufacturing, high tech, metal processing, and pulp and paper firms. In particular, it includes fixed pieces of equipment, buildings or complexes used to produce goods in connection with, or as part of, any process or system. Also included are, voltage optimization, water and wastewater systems, transport processing or other activity involving farm products off-farm.

~ Final sector designation to be reviewed by Clark Public Utilities and BPA staff.