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Business conservation programs

Check here for the latest information about programs we have available to help our business customers to become more energy efficient.

On-site Energy Assessment
Many business owners are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings, but do not know how to identify which improvements present the most effective investment opportunities. Key Accounts Managers  can provide a walk-through of your building to help identify cost efficient opportunities to improve your buildings energy efficiency and reduce your energy operating costs. There is no charge for this service.

Commercial/Industrial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP)
Recent advances in lighting technology can increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Modeled after the Bonneville Power Administration lighting program, CLIP provides financial incentives for building owners to improve the efficiency of their building’s lighting technology. The utility along with independent contractors offer a lighting audit and provide energy efficient, short cost recovery lighting upgrades. This program is also available for new construction projects.

Heat Pump Equipment Conversion and Upgrade in Commercial Buildings 
Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than electric resistance heat.  An incentive program is available for heat pump equipment conversions and upgrades in qualifying applications.

Ductless Heat Pumps in Commercial Buildings (DHP)
DHPs have the ability to heat and cool buildings at a fraction of the cost of electric baseboard and wall heaters. This program offers a financial incentive for each DHP installation in qualifying applications. If program requirements are not met, the installation may be considered as a custom project.

Compressed Air Audits
Compressed air can be the most critical component in manufacturing operations. A utility-funded audit by a professional energy specialist can not only identify energy efficiency gains, but can also lead to improved air supply, enhanced maintenance cycles, and noise reduction by identifying and fixing air leaks. Financial assistance is available to support the completion of a compressed air audit at your facility.

Custom Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects
If you are replacing or installing new equipment that is energy efficient and above code minimum/standard practice, we can provide financial incentives.  Examples are: compressed air improvements, HVAC upgrades, VFD installations, refrigeration upgrades and general process energy system improvements. 

Proposals must be submitted for pre-approval prior to implementation/purchases. The purpose of the proposal is to document what is to be done, calculate an estimated incentive and determine how energy savings will be verified. Incentives are based on verified energy savings, typically satisfied through pre/post monitoring (the utility can assist). Contact your Key Account Manager to learn more about Custom Project proposals.

EnergySmart™ provides businesses and facilities with energy saving opportunities. It provides customers with energy audits and information about efficient technology, operations, and management that illuminate the possibilities and impacts of increasing efficiency. We offer two targeted programs under EnergySmart™:

  • EnergySmart™ Grocer
    Grocery stores managing perishable food items grapple with significant energy concerns - particularly in the complicated realm of food refrigeration. The EnergySmart™ Grocer Program provides business owners and facility managers with: 
       - No-cost energy audits
       - Information about energy efficient technology, operations and management
  • Energy Smart™ Industrial
    Clark Public Utilities is pleased to announce an exciting new program development – the Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program. The ESI program provides significant new incentive levels as well as technical resources to industrial customers for the purpose of generating energy efficiency savings. The program began January 1, 2010. The ESI program has something for every size industrial customer and project. Whether your constraint is budget, personnel, technical expertise, or some combination of these, the ESI program can help.

Energy Expert Software
Hidden within your electric meter is information that provides tools to view important load data and usage trends. Energy Expert is a web-based software solution for energy use analysis. Using the captured data you can identify anomalies and peak use hours, review trends using weather data and compare current operating data with historical information.

Green Motor Rewind
When a motor fails, the user or owner faces three choices: rewind to a lower efficiency; rewind and maintain the original efficiency; or to replace it with a new motor of either an EPact or premium efficiency design. If the motor rewind resulted in the motor's maintaining its original efficiency, it is commonly called a green rewind.

Multifamily Buildings Weatherization
Clark Public Utilities offers a variety of weatherization rebates for owners of multifamily buildings (5 or more units) in Clark County that are electrically heated.

Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats (WEPT)
Changes to temperature settings in the case of unplanned or weather-related events can be controlled using a secure internet connection.  Now new and modified, existing WEPTs installed in commercial applications are eligible for an incentive.  For more program requirements and incentive details please contact your Clark Public Utilities Key Accounts Manager or call our Commercial Programs Manager Bill Hibbs, at 360-992-3340. 

Support for renewable energy/Green Lights Program
Helping the Earth is easy and affordable. Enrolling in Clark Public Utilities Green Lights program is a low cost way to demonstrate your business's commitment to environmental responsibility. Start with as little or as much as you want. Businesses can enroll in Green Lights to match a small portion of their energy use or all the way up to 100 percent. Our team of experts will review your bill and calculate the right level of participation for your business.

Other events include seminars, conferences and workshops.


Contact a Key Accounts Manager for more information about any of these programs or to request assistance.