Clark Public Utilities

We're always Here


Clark Public Utilities crews are out in the community every day maintaining power lines and poles, reading meters and hooking up new service to homes and businesses. But they have other jobs, too... they’re available to help anyone in an emergency.

Over the years our employees have done everything from fight fires to perform CPR in response to accidents and other emergencies they’ve encountered on the job, as part of a program we formerly called “Community Watch.”SafeWatch logo

In 1998, we merged our “Community Watch” program with similar programs operated by Clark County and C-Tran to offer a more visible link to help when you need it. It's called SafeWatch.

The “SafeWatch” logo can be seen on the hundreds of utility, county and C-Tran vehicles on the road each day. It’s a constant reminder that when trouble strikes, our employees are there to offer assistance, whether it’s looking for a lost child or reporting an accident or fire.

If you need emergency help and see a vehicle with the “SafeWatch” logo, wave both hands over your head. Our employees will call for help on their radios and do anything else they can at the scene.

Teach your children to look for the “SafeWatch” symbol on a vehicle if they’re ever in trouble, and tell your neighbors, too... we’re here for all of you.